Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fast applying syndrome: the worst problem when you're looking for a Job.

It's a normal day for people who are currently looking for a job online: Job seeking websites opened in several tabs on their browsers, CVs and cover letters ready to be sent.
And then, for the bigger part of the intrepid jobhunters, an huge threat is behind the corner: the F. A. S. well known as Fast applying Syndrome.

Think about it: how many times you've just seen an excellent free position as employee in that Digital Marketing company or the other Social Media integrated agency. And after less then a second your mouse is already on the "apply" button.
First mistake, dear. The description of a job ad it's the most important part: all the necessary skills and the Company mission is in that page! Give yourself five minutes to read it very accurately. Just after that, it's time to open CV and cover letter and edit it, when necessary.


Good advices could come out also from:

- Official website of the company: where all the informations, the company's mission, the portfolio, etc is visible.
- Social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but also the official blog of the job recruiter, are the voice of last company's updates.
- Read webpaper, blog articles and social media post by users about the company: you could find very usefull informations!

In conclusion, be aware from F.A.S. and your will see the results: your new job could be just around the corner!

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