Monday, 14 July 2014

What Kind Of Social Media Marketing Brand Did During The World Cup Final?

There are many ways to entertain your community on Facebook.
But when we talk about the World Cup, all the brands have a special (and easy) opportunity to engage with more users than usual: sport, gossip, drama, emotions all concetrated in three hours of the match Germany - Argentina.

Let's have a look at some great examples of Social Media marketing and community management!


Brilliant! "The Best extra weight we have ever carrier". Simple copy, hot topic related, basic graphic: just the best post World Cup related I've seen this year.

 A famous song by LMFAO used to say "I am Sexy and I know it!" For the NGO Plan International we can change the lyrics a little and say "I am lucky and I know it": their testimonial is not just a World Champion but is the man who scored the gol who gave the World Cup 2014 to Germany!

Samsung got a big score, too, reminding all the social media that Mario Gotze it's part of the 11 Star team of Galaxy.

From good examples to a bad one: why Johnson&Johnson, one the main World Cup sponsor, just posted a simple congratulation post with the German flag? A good chance to engage, lost in the wind of social media posts. Just have a look at the huge engagement difference between this post and the Lufthansa post.

What is everybody talking about? Still, celebrities like Shakira and Rihanna are very used to attract the right audience.

Flo Rida talking about football (or soccer, how they call it back in America)? Yes, if the prize it is to improve the engagement on Facebook!

And what about Meme? So many website made a collection of the best meme made for the World Cup.

But there was also something happened during the match that was not broadcasted on the TV: the pitch invader. So here we go: all the news channel immediately shared photos of the runner, who was speared down. Poor boy!

User generated content were, of course, the 99% of social media post yesterday. But what about UGC when you have a leading actor of the 2014 World Cup final in Podolski and Schweinsteiger? This Sri Lanka radio immediately took the opportunity and shared the selfie (found of 9Gag, as we can read from the stamp on the pic) of the two German player: right timing, homies!

No doubt about it: Mario Gotze was really THE man yesterday night. But as GQ Inda reminds us, yesterday it was not his best score. Here too: good use of the hot topic of the moment, taking the girlfriend of Mario Gotze, Ann Kathrin Brommel, into the picture attracting male social media users.

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